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Three Principles
in London, Exeter & Totnes
Fumiaki Tanaka

What are the Three Principles?

The Three Principles are Mind, Consciousness, and Thought, which create our realities we experience. Sydney Banks was an ordinary welder who experienced a sudden enlightenment and taught this spiritual understanding.


There is an innate wellbeing within every one of us, and our deep wisdom is available always in the here and now, not in the distant future or past.  However, we often lose touch with this wonderful gift because it gets buried by our negative thought patterns, just like the sun gets covered by clouds. But as the sun is always behind the clouds waiting to come out, our innate wellbeing will naturally arise from within if we allow our minds to quieten.


In our day to day life, it looks like what happens outside of us shapes our experience. But if you look closely, it is our thoughts that generate our feelings and create experiences. Whatever happens outside, we see it through the filter of our thoughts. This forms our individual experiences and realities from the inside out. Not the other way around, as we tend to believe.


As we wake up from our dream of thoughts, we naturally fall into a quiet space within and reconnect with our innate wisdom. There is no technique and nothing to do. We don't need to 'try' to think positively, manage our thought patterns, or analyse our past. The important thing is to deepen our understanding and see how our realities are created moment by moment through the principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought. Then let the wisdom within us guide us through life.

Who is this for?

Who would benefit from the Three Principles?

​People come to the Three Principles session for different reasons, such as:


  • anxiety, panic attack

  • depression

  • stress

  • other mental health issues

  • struggling with parenting

  • relationship problem

  • addiction

  • interest in spirituality

  • and more …

What happens in a session?

  • ​Private session in-person or online:

In a private session, you can discuss whatever you want from work, home, relationships, etc. My main role is to listen to you and point you towards your innate resilience and wellbeing. As you have a chance to talk about something that matters to you, it tends to impact you deeply. It is a great way to deepen your understanding at your own pace.


I offer one to one sessions both in-person and online. The session is usually one hour long but it can be tailored to individual needs. One day immersion or a few days personal retreat can be arranged.

  • Group seminar/ webinar:


In the seminar/ webinar, I usually start by talking about the Three Principles on some topics, followed by a Q&A session to deepen understanding. One of the great aspects of the seminar/ webinar is that you feel the sense of the group and the power of collective consciousness.


If you belong in a group and would like to organise an event, a short seminar/webinar or day-long retreat can be arranged.

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