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Head shot of Fumiaki Tanaka who practices the Alexander Technique, Craniosacral Therapy and Three Principles in London, Exeter and Totnes.

I provide one to one sessions to meet your specific needs and help you regain your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.  

I have over 30 years of combined experience in these practices. I have worked with people from all walks of life and all ages, from babies to over 90 years old.


You can choose one practice to go deeper, alternate them or have combined sessions

to suit your specific needs.

Alexander Technique
 for improving posture, moving with ease,
and back, neck
and shoulder pain

Craniosacral therapy London

The Alexander Technique is one of the most thorough and effective ways to improve posture. Poor posture and habitual tension are often the causes of back, neck and shoulder pain. Whether your issue is musculoskeletal pain or poor posture or improving performance, you can learn how to transform your harmful habits into positive ones.

People have lessons for:

  • back pain

  • neck pain

  • shoulder pain

  • improving posture

  • improving performance

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Craniosacral Therapy
for deep release of physical and emotional tension

craniosacral therapy in london

Craniosacral Therapy is a deeply relaxing treatment, balancing your body and mind. It activates the self-correcting mechanism inside you, allowing the body to unwind naturally. The treatment is often helpful for releasing the deeply embedded tension patterns that have been triggered by trauma and injuries.   


People have treatments for:


  • sciatica

  • hip (SI joint) pain

  • headache / migraine

  • colic

  • insomnia

  • physical and emotional trauma


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Three Principles
- wellbeing coaching

for mental wellbeing and finding peace within

Alexander Technique North London

The Three Principles -  wellbeing coaching  helps you to be mindful and reconnect with your wisdom within. When you realise that your thoughts are creating your experience from inside out, the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that have been gripping your mind loose their power. Then your wisdom will arise naturally and guide you through life. 


People have sessions for:

  • mental health issues

  • anxiety and depression

  • stress

  • finding peace within

  • trauma

  • interest in spirituality 

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My Approach

Mindfulness is at the heart of my approach

Mindfulness is the essential quality that underlies my approach whether in the Alexander Technique, Craniosacral Therapy, or the Three Principles – wellbeing coaching.


All these practices share a fundamental principle.

That is 'wellbeing is within you'.

As you surrender to the wisdom inside, the blocks and restrictions that may have been holding you back fall away. This allows the healing potential that already exists inside you to arise naturally.​

These practices I offer share some similarities but at the same time, each approach is unique and able to address certain issues more effectively than others.


So they complement each other extremely well, providing me with a broader perspective, skills and knowledge to help you find mental, physical or spiritual wellbeing.


What do my clients say?


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Fumiaki Tanaka Alexander Technique
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