About me

Hello, my name is Fumiaki.
I am a native Japanese and studied Tai-Chi and gymnastics from an early age.

I first came across the Alexander Technique over 25 years ago while studying acting in the US. I was fascinated by its holistic approach and its potential for performer training.

I came to the UK to complete an MA in Physical Theatre. My research in performer training naturally led me to study the Alexander Technique in London.
I have been teaching the Alexander Technique since 2003, both in private practice and in drama schools and universities in the UK, Japan and US. I am also an associate lecture at University of Plymouth/Plymouth Conservatoire, where I teach movement and physical theatre.

I have a diverse training background in mind-body work and spiritual pracitces, including Three Principles, Buddhist meditation, mindfulness, yoga, qi-gong, Tai-Chi, Feldenkrais and more. I am also a teacher of Laban (a form of movement analysis) and have studied with many of Rudolf Laban's disciples.
Recently, while living in Japan I started to train in Aikido in Ayabe Kyoto, the birthplace of Aikido. I was fascinated by the similarity between the principles of Aikido and the Alexander technique.I am passionate about mind-body work and have been continuously exploring Ki (Chi) to develop my Alexander Technique teaching skill.
As a qualified Three Principles facilitator, I incorporate it into my Alexander Technique teaching to help people find freedom in their mind and body and realise their true potential.

I am a member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT), and fully insured and DBS checked.

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